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Established in 1981, Cosmo Films (A Business of Cosmo First Limited) is a global leader in speciality films for packaging, lamination and labeling applications. With engineering of innovative products and sustainability solutions, Cosmo partners with world’s leading F&B brands, packaging & printing converters to enhance their consumer experience.

Cosmo Synthetic paper , an alternative of traditional paper in applications where durability and longevity are desired for versatile applications like– Commercial Printing, Tags & Labels , Retail & Packaging, Identification & Credentials, Outdoor application etc. It is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene-based film that resembles paper in appearance. This version of synthetic paper is non-tearable with excellent resistance to moisture & chemicals. It is printable with most of the existing printing technologies & is writable with oil-based pens.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper keeps sustainability at its core, recognizing it as the need of the hour. This is echoed in a manufacturing process that helps in water conservation, prevents air pollution & shuns the use of hazardous chemicals.

Types of Cosmo Synthetic Paper


Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a polypropylene-based film that closely resembles paper in appearance. With its white opaque surface, it offers printability using a wide range of technologies like wet and UV offset, wet and UV flexo, letterpress, screen, thermal transfer, and HP Indigo.

Serving as a durable substitute for traditional paper, synthetic paper excels in applications where longevity and resilience are crucial. It is tear-resistant, exhibits moisture and chemical resistance, and maintains excellent lay flatness. The versatility of synthetic paper is evident in its extensive range of applications, spanning commercial printing, tags and labels, retail and packaging, identification and credentials, and outdoor uses.

Furthermore, Cosmo Synthetic Paper meets compliance standards such as EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH, and RoHS, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Applications of CSP


Cosmo Synthetic Paper is used in various application segments such as Commercial Printing, Tags & Labels, Retail & Packaging, Identification & Credentials and Outdoors.

Synthetic Paper for Maps
CSP for Wire Harness
Non Tearable Tags
Synthetic Paper For Menu Cards
Synthetic Paper for Cattle Tags
CSP for Visiting Cards

Commercial Printing Commercial Printing

  • Maps
  • Menu Cards
  • Calendars
  • Flip Charts
  • Brochures
  • Children Books

Tags and Labels Tags and Labels

  • Garment Tags
  • Food Labels
  • Baggage Tags
  • Horticulture Labels
  • Glass Bottle Label

Retail & Packaging Retail & Packaging

  • POP graphics
  • Posters
  • Dangler
  • Indoor Billboards
  • Banners
  • Backlit Displays

Identification & Credentials Identification & Credentials

  • Visiting Cards
  • Identity Cards
  • Marksheets & Certificates
  • Legal Documents

Outdoor Outdoor

  • Train Station & Airport Signages
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Frontlit & Backlit Displays
Synthetic Paper for TMT Bars



Ideal replacement of paper in applications where durability and longevity is desired!

  • Non-Tearable


  • Moisture Resistant

    Moisture Resistant

  • Oil and Chemical Resistant

    Oil and Chemical Resistant

  • Excellent Folding Endurance

    Excellent Folding Endurance

  • Writable with Pencils and Oil Based Pens

    Writable with Pencils and Oil Based Pens

  • Compatible for Hot Foil Stamping

    Compatible for Hot Foil Stamping

  • Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

    Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

  • Dimensionally Stable

    Dimensionally Stable

  • Perfect Printable

    Perfect Printable

  • Durable


  • Accepts Rubber Stamp Impressions

    Accepts Rubber Stamp Impressions

  • Excellent Lay Flatness

    Excellent Lay Flatness

Frequently Asked Questions


Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene-based film that resembles paper in appearance & is its replacement in applications where longevity is desired.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper has a wide range of features which makes picking out the best one impossible. Here are our top 3 features- Tear-free; Water-resistant; Universally Printable.

Typically, Cosmo Synthetic Paper takes up to 6-8 hours to dry. This time frame changes according to the type of ink used.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is recyclable and uses sustainable practices in its manufacturing stage. Since it's made from synthetic substrates, it does not involve cutting down trees, making it an eco-friendly option. It is also EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH and RoHS compliant.

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Cosmo Synthetic paper, with long-lasting non- tearable capability is a required replacement of the paper industry. The moisture, oil and chemical resistance quality gives it an ability to be the base of your important documents. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is compatible for variable data printing which can be sheeted, stabled and die punched. The nature saving quality of Recycling and Folding Endurance makes it an Eco-Friendly solution in the form of paper or carry bags. It is dimensionally stable and lay flat which means a perfect choice for packaging, lamination, and labeling.


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