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Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene-based film that resembles paper in appearance & is its replacement in applications where longevity is desired.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper has numerous variants with salient features. For instance, the HR BTC works with all printers across the board & gives excellent print quality with ink retention.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper has a wide range of features which makes picking out the best one impossible. Here are our top 3 features- Tear-free; Water-resistant; Universally Printable.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is printable with most of the ‌printing technologies, including Wet & UV offset printing, Wet & UV flexographic printing, Letterpress & Thermal transfer. Click here to learn more about our printing recommendations.

No. Each type of Cosmo Synthetic Paper has its own printing compatibility.

Both oil-based offset printing inks and conventional inks can be used on Cosmo Synthetic Paper. While the former is more compatible as they undergo evaporative and oxidative polymerization drying mechanisms, the latter takes more time to dry.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is recyclable and uses sustainable practices in its manufacturing stage. Since it's made from synthetic substrates, it does not involve cutting down trees, making it an eco-friendly option. It is also EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH and RoHS compliant.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper has dual properties. It has tear, water and oil resistance of a film and white and printable surface of the paper.

Its excellent versatility means you can use Cosmo Synthetic Paper in:

  • Commercial printing
  • To print tags & labels
  • In retail & packaging
  • To print identification & credentials
  • For outdoor use

Typically, Cosmo Synthetic Paper takes up to 6-8 hours to dry. This time frame changes according to the type of ink used.