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CSP for Retail and Packaging Applications

CSP for Retail and Packaging Applications

Retail has a different approach to managing products. The focus is to make the packaging secure yet informational in a way that doesn’t hamper the ability to attract customers. 

Printing with Cosmo Synthetic Paper ticks all these boxes, providing the ideal solution.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is best for packaging and retail as it is a moisture reistant, co-extruded, white opaque film with exceptional resistance & durability. It is used as a substitute wherever longevity is desired. 

  • It has improved durability & resistance to physical wear, moisture & chemicals which aids in protecting the products wrapped/packed in it during transportation & storage.
  • It's printable with a wide variety of printing technologies, both traditional & modern, producing crisp & accurate print that doesn’t fade with time.
  • It’s writable with pencils & oil-based pens, allowing retail shops to change/add information on the go.
  • It’s eco-friendly & recyclable, helping stores fight against the global problem of packaging waste. 

This highly versatile moisture resistant paper can be used for

  • Posters
  • Danglers
  • Shelf-labels
  • Price lists
  • Warranty tags
  • Product category markers, & more.