Both Side Coated Synthetic Paper

Both Side Coated Synthetic Paper

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Both Side Coated Synthetic Paper


This is the type of Matte Paper that’s coated on both sides of the sheet/roll it’s available in. It's a bi-axially oriented polypropylene film that comes in a variety of thicknesses, going as low as 95um. It is recommended for painting techniques like UV Inkjet and UV Offset.



Synthetic Paper for Maps

Commercial Printing Commercial Printing

  • Bar Menu Cards
  • Corporate Albums
  • Wall Calendars
  • Patient Prescription
Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Wires

Tags and Labels Tags and Labels    

  • Clothing tags
  • Pharma Packaging Tags
  • Airport Transfer tags
  • Meat Labels
Non Tearable Tags

Retail & Packaging Retail & Packaging

  • Indoor Billboards
  • Garment Hang Tags
  • Special Price Stickers
  • Product Category Markers
Cosmo Synthetic Paper For Menu Cards

Identification & Credentials Identification & Credentials    

  • Business Cards
  • Diploma Certificates
  • Office ID Cards
  • Store Membership Cards
Cosmo Synthetic Paper For Backlit Displays

Outdoor Outdoor

  • Tree Tags
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Airport Displays
  • Transport for Hire Signs
Available Thickness (um) Available in Recommended Printing Matrix

95 to 510

Reel and Sheet

  • ??UV Offset
  • Flexo (UV & Water based inks)
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Letterpress
  • HP Indigo,UV Inkjet, HP-Latex