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Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Outdoor

Cosmo Synthetic Paper for Outdoor

Print applications used in outdoor use must have the perfect blend of quality & durability. Outdoor applications are expected to retain their colour & shine despite being subjected to changing weather throughout the year. 

Cosmo Synthetic Paper - A Complete Recyclable Paper, fits this specific requirement. 

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a bi-axially oriented, co-extruded, white opaque, polypropylene film that is excellent to use outdoors, where durability is desired. This synthetic paper comes in rolls and sheets of variable thickness that can print with most printing technologies.

  • It's weatherproof & recyclable paper to endure the harsh and changing climate without damaging the printed surface.
  • It's compatible with Conventional Offset, UV Offset, UV Flexo printing, Water-based Flexo printing, Thermal Transfer, Screen, Letterpress, UV Inkjet, HP Indigo & HP Latex printing.
  • It has an excellent lay flatness. As it lays flat without restraint, it is ideal for outdoor adverts & backlit displays.
  • It can be sheeted, die-cut, perforated, serrated, foil stamped & laminated to use in outdoor applications like horticulture tags.

This highly versatile paper can be used for

  • Frontlit displays
  • Backlit displays
  • Outdoor advertisements
  • Parking tickets
  • Tree tags
  • Airport signages, & more.