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CSP For Tags and Labels

CSP For Tags and Labels

Tags & labels, used across industries such as retail & print, demand excellent quality for accurate information to the customers. They are expected to maintain their shape & print through tagging, transportation, storage & display processes.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a Waterproof Paper that offers a solution with answers to a variety of factors affecting the longevity of tags & labels. It is a BOPP-based, tear-resistant synthetic film that resembles paper in appearance.

  • It’s co-extruded, making highly durable, non-tearable tags that can survive the wear & tear that comes during transporting the tagged products to & from the warehouse to the shops.
  • It’s writable with pencils & oil-based pens, aiding stores to add discount pricing on the go & avoiding the additional costs to print more tags.
  • It’s non-tearable paper but can be die-cut, serrated & perforated to match the labeling needs of a wide range of products.
  • It’s recyclable & eco-friendly which aids businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

This highly versatile waterproof paper can be used for

  • Food tags
  • Clothing tags
  • Steel Bar Tags
  • Horticulture Tags
  • Price tags
  • Chemical drum labels
  • Product labels
  • Pharma labels, & more.