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CSP For Identification and Credentials

CSP For Identification and Credentials

The proof of identification & credentials is crucial information that demands special care. From government IDs to college degrees, these are usually kept in a special damage-free environment.

Ensure maximum safety by printing them on Water Resistant Cosmo Synthetic Paper.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a BOPP-based, Water Resistant film that resembles paper in look & feel. It’s used in applications that need a durable print with excellent quality. Printing identification & credentials on this film eliminates the need for lamination and lessen the need to treat them with extra care.

  • It’s a non tearable paper which eliminates the need for lamination. This helps save costs without sacrificing longevity.
  • It has water resistance, oil & chemical resistance coupled with excellent ink retention properties, which makes it ideal for printing certificates with information & logos.
  • It accepts rubber stamp impressions without distorting the printed information below to let companies/universities/government imprint their symbol with ease. 
  • It’s writable with pencils & oil-based pens to enable signing the certificates before handing them out.

This highly versatile paper can be used for

  • Visiting card
  • Contracts
  • Legal documents
  • Marksheets
  • Certificates
  • Membership cards, & more.