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Enhancing Branding & Marketing Collateral With Synthetic Paper

Enhancing Branding & Marketing Collateral With Synthetic Paper

Digital marketing may be the new way for brands to connect with their audiences, but it can't replace physical branding and marketing materials. These printed collaterals interact with the audience beyond screens and give them a multisensory experience, allowing them to have a deeper association with the brand.

Branding and marketing collaterals made using Cosmo Synthetic Paper, innovative material by a non tearable paper manufacturer, offer a blend of durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal, helping brands present themselves to their audiences.

The Role of Branding & Marketing Collaterals in Creating Deeper Connections
Here is how the branding and marketing collaterals and help build your brand among your audience:

  • Establish Brand Identity

Brand identity - the heart and soul of any business, comprises messages, visual elements and brand values that distinguish one business from another. Printed collateral takes your branding and marketing game to the next level by translating the brand identity into tangible and more memorable form.

  • Leave a Lasting Impression

Printed collaterals give brands a chance to make an impression on their audience. Well-designed and aesthetically crafted collaterals, like brochures and business cards, highlight professionalism, create a sense of trust among customers, while leaving a lasting impression that can set the tone for the entire business relationship.

  • Opportunity to Customize & Personalize

Printed collaterals can be customized and personalized, like tailoring marketing materials to show customers that their interactions are valued. The touch of personalization goes a long way in building loyalty with customers.

  • Effectively Communicating the Information

Printed marketing collaterals give an opportunity to effectively communicate information to the customers in a clear, engaging, and organized way. These printed collaterals are particularly valuable where customers prefer a physical reference, like browsing through a catalogue or studying a menu at a restaurant.

How Synthetic Paper Elevates Brand Perception
Here are some ways in which this water resistant paper helps elevate the brand perception:

  1. Premium Look & Feel : Synthetic Paper has a very smooth and sleek texture that displays a sense of quality and sophistication when you use it as the application of your branding material. This material, when used for marketing collateral, can set you apart from your competitors and elevate the perception of your brand.
  2. Visual Impact : When printing on our synthetic paper, you can achieve bolder colours, sharper printing, and an excellent finish. This translates to stunning marketing collaterals that hold the customer's attention and leave a strong impression.
  3. Durable & Reliable for Brand Consistency : Marketing collateral like a brochure might be left in a place for long-time, resulting in dog-eared or getting stained. However, collaterals that are made using synthetic paper to retain their crispiness, and you can rely on these to deliver your brand message.

Applications for Branding and Marketing Collaterals
Let's take a look at the synthetic paper applications that are used for branding and marketing purposes:

  • Outdoor Advertising/Signages

Many food and beverage brands use synthetic paper banners and posters for outdoor advertising purposes. This material can withstand rain, wind, and sun without fading or tearing, maintaining its vibrant colours and clear messaging. This ensures that the branding remains impactful and consistent, regardless of climate change.

  • Retail Displays

Various retail brands use both side coated synthetic paper for point-of-sale displays and product labels. The material offers a sleek, glossy finish that complements the brand's image. It also ensures that the displays remain intact despite frequent customer handling.

  • Event Materials

Event materials like brochures, business cards, etc., contribute to the success of an event. Synthetic paper event collaterals resist unexpected damage due to moisture or chemical exposure, retaining the professional appearance of the materials.

Synthetic paper has the power to establish brand identity and is widely used for promotional materials, like brochures, catalogues, and other branding and marketing collateral. This innovative material's market size is anticipated to reach USD 3.6 Billion by 2032. Using Cosmo Synthetic Paper, brands can benefit from the unique properties this paper has to offer. Connect with us today for your synthetic paper requirements.