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Waterproof and Tear-Resistant: Synthetic Paper in Outdoor Signage

Waterproof and Tear-Resistant: Synthetic Paper in Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is a part of our daily life. We see them everywhere - from informing us about events in the neighborhood to directing us through the crowded streets, these signages help us navigate. But as these signages, made using traditional paper, are used in the outside setting, they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, like sun rays, rain, wind, etc., impacting not just the aesthetics of the signage but also making them faded and tattered. This results in frequent replacement of signage, adding to environmental waste.

But thanks to synthetic paper, a revolutionary solution - it boasts waterproof, tear-resistant, and other properties that help them face extreme weather conditions. In fact, synthetic paper can not only extend the life of signs that are used outside, but it is also recyclable (can be recycled multiple times as compared to traditional paper) and contributes to a sustainable practice.

Let's read ahead and find out why synthetic paper must be replaced with traditional paper when it comes to using it for outdoor signs.

What Is Synthetic Paper?

Derived from petroleum as the main material, Synthetic paper is manufactured using synthetic resin. It resembles the traditional paper that is produced from wood pulp. Having some properties similar to that of normal paper, synthetic paper is engineered to be durable like plastic.

Why Synthetic Paper Is the Right Choice for Outdoor Signage

waterproof Paper

Here are some properties and features of synthetic paper that make them the ideal choice and sustainability champions for outdoor signages.

1. Tears? No Chance - It's a Non Tearable Paper!

From strong winds to accidental snags, the outdoor signage made using traditional paper remains under constant threat of getting torn, and thus, they easily become a victim to tough weather conditions. On the other hand, the robust outdoor signs made using synthetic paper display remarkable tear resistance. It's immune to rips and tears, making the signs safe from such accidents and visually appealing as well.

2. Need an Umbrella? No! They Are Waterproof

Traditional paper can easily absorb moisture. Thus, water quickly seeps into the material, causing ink bleeding and wrinkling or swelling of the signage. However, the synthetic paper is waterproof paper and maintains its structural integrity even during the heavy downpour. This also means that the synthetic paper outdoor signs have a prolonged lifespan, and there is no need for frequent replacements of the signs.

3. Exceptionally Durable! Yes, It's True
Traditional paper simply cannot match the strength of synthetic paper when it comes to durability. Generally, the outdoor signages are exposed to extreme sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, and moisture. These extreme environmental conditions tend to deteriorate them, causing wilting, tears, rips, and warping. Synthetic paper stands resilient against all these elements, possessing inherent strength and durability.

4. Hygienic in Nature – You Read It Right!

As the name "outdoor signage" indicates, the signs are used outdoors, which means exposure to dirt, pollutants, and other contaminants is normal. But how do we clean these signs? Especially the ones placed in important settings. The simple answer to this is using signs made of synthetic paper. The synthetic paper can be easily cleaned with just a wipe, maintaining its aesthetic appearance, and displaying clear information.

5. Sustainable in Nature – It’s Eco-friendly Too!

Initiatives to contribute to a greener tomorrow are on the rise. People are adopting practices to reduce their environmental footprint. The advantages of using outdoor signages made using synthetic paper go far beyond its physical properties and contribute to a circular economy as well.

  • Synthetic paper has a longer life span, which reduces the need for frequent replacement, saving not just on cost but also lowering the demand for raw materials and energy requirements for the manufacturing process.
  • The extended life span of standard synthetic paper, coupled with recyclability, also lowers the carbon footprint.
  • Synthetic paper is recyclable too, living a second life after the initial use.

Today, synthetic paper has already emerged as a tool to create not just beautiful outdoor signage but also one that is environment friendly. This innovative solution has superpowers like standing strong in harsh weather conditions and displaying properties such as tear-resistance and waterproofing, making it an ideal choice for outdoor signages.

With a commitment to preserving the planet for generations to come, let's embrace the potential of oil & water-resistant paper in the realm of outdoor signage -one that is waterproof, tear-free and durable.