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Synthetic Paper in the Food Industry: Applications in Menus and Labels

Synthetic Paper in the Food Industry: Applications in Menus and Labels

The paper we know today was born more than 2000 years ago. It has been used for various purposes throughout history, like writing, printing, drawing, wrapping, labelling, and more. However, the demands of modern industries, like that of the food sector for their menus and labels, have faced challenges in using traditional paper due to spillage and external risks that could compromise its integrity.
Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of menus and labels is crucial in the food industry, and thankfully, Synthetic Paper came as a rescuer. Its resilience, durability, and non-tear resistance make it an ideal choice to be used in this industry.

What Is Synthetic Paper

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a polypropylene-based film that is used today as a replacement for traditional paper, especially where longevity is paramount. The white opaque Cosmo Synthetic Paper is just like normal paper in appearance. What makes a difference is its exceptional features, which include properties like:
• Tear-resistance
• Resistance to oil, water & chemicals
• Multiple printing process compatibility
• Excellent folding endurance & lay flatness
• High-quality print graphics
• Smooth, luminous finish
• Durability
• Recyclability
• 100% tree free
The above-mentioned features make Cosmo Synthetic Paper an ideal paper to be used for the enormous food industry for their menus and labels - where spillage is a major concern.
Let's take a look at the next section in order to better understand why the food industry should invest in Cosmo Synthetic Paper and how it will benefit them.

Why Cosmo Synthetic Paper?

In the year 2021, the food and beverage sector held the largest share of the synthetic paper market, which was around 30%. This number is anticipated to grow between the years 2022-2027.
But to understand why Synthetic Paper found its niche in the food industry, as opposed to traditional paper, let's read about its various attributes:

Water-resistant Paper - Spills and splatters are quite frequent at cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are always going to be splashes, dribbles and splatters when it comes to water, soda, coffee, alcohol, or any other beverage. If traditional paper is used in such cases, it will really cause chaos. Here, Cosmo Synthetic Paper will come to the rescue with its more absorbing and water-resistant properties.

• Oil & Chemical Resistant - Traditional paper can easily absorb oils and grease, permanently staining it and making it look unappealing. But the Synthetic Paper is completely non-absorbent and, therefore, resists penetrating stains. That's why it's oil and chemical resistant paper.

• Tear-resistant - Traditional paper tears easily, but the Synthetic Paper is structured in such a way that it's more robust and resilient than the traditional paper. Therefore, it does not tear or get ripped easily.

• Durable - The traditional paper, when handled by several people, easily becomes scuffed and worn out. On the other hand, the Cosmo Synthetic paper can withstand frequent handling and rough treatment, which is quite common in the food industry.

• Easily Printable - It is strong and supports higher printing due to its unique qualities and is compatible with all the synthetic paper latest printing methods.

• Premium-quality Feel - Synthetic paper is made using polymer-based substances and doesn't give the feel of plastic but that of thick quality paper. Hence, the food menus have a high-quality feel and smooth texture.

• Easy to Clean - The menus in restaurants, bars, cafes, and other food-serving places are prone to getting stained. This can negatively affect the image of the restaurant/brand. Also, the ones made using traditional paper cannot be cleaned and have to be replaced when spoiled, which contributes to paper wastage. The Synthetic paper menus can easily be wiped and rinsed clean.

• Eco-friendly - Approximately anywhere between 4 to 8 billion trees are used to make paper each year. But Cosmo Synthetic Paper is 100% tree-free, which means that there is no need to cut even a single tree or use wood pulp to make this exceptional paper.

Synthetic Paper in the Food Industry: Why CSP Is Beneficial for Menus & Labels

In the world of the food industry, Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a superhero. Due to its exceptional features like longevity and sturdiness, it is perfect to be used in the food sector, especially for labels and menus. Synthetic paper acts as a shield against spoiling factors like moisture, oils, and extreme temperatures. Plus, its tear-resistant property is a notable feature while delivering an aesthetic appeal to the menus and labels.
If you are looking forward to experiencing such benefits of synthetic paper for your labels and menus, be sure to get in touch with the best quality synthetic paper manufacturers !


synthetic paper for tags and labels


How and why is synthetic paper used in the food industry?

Synthetic paper is used widely for labels and menus in the food industry today. The leading market players prefer to use them due to their durability. It's waterproof paper, chemical resistant paper and tear-resistant properties, making them ideal printing surfaces for menus and labels.

Does synthetic paper contribute to branding and aesthetics when used for labels and menus?

Cosmo Synthetic Paper delivers vibrant and high-quality printing, which enhances the visual appeal of the menus and labels. The printing ability of synthetic paper enables the design and branding element, delivering an aesthetic presentation.

What are the top features of Cosmo Synthetic Paper?

Picking up a particular feature of Cosmo Synthetic Paper is impossible. But here are the three features that make the paper stand out:

It's a non tearable paper.
It's water-resistant.
It's universally printable.

Is synthetic paper recyclable?

The Cosmo Synthetic Paper is recyclable and eco-friendly. The manufacturing of the paper does not involve any cutting down of trees. It is also EU 10/2011, USFDA, REACH and RoHS compliant.

Synthetic paper has transformed the food packaging industry by providing tear-resistant and durable labels and menu solutions while offering protection from moisture, oils, and other spoilage factors. The demand for this durable and visually appealing paper will increase with the growing market.

Choosing Cosmo Synthetic Paper will help elevate your brand presentation, ensuring resilient and attractive menus and labels. The Cosmo Synthetic Paper aligns with eco-friendly practices as it is recyclable, too. Are you ready to reshape the food industry's labelling and menu standards with the best Synthetic Paper Supplier in India - Cosmo Synthetic Paper?