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The Superior Printing Quality of Synthetic Paper

The Superior Printing Quality of Synthetic Paper

In the world of printing, the search to find a paper with an exceptional printing quality is unwavering. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a revolutionary solution that is available as an alternative where print quality is paramount. During the year 2021, the global synthetic paper industry was valued at USD 1,026.73 million. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period.

The synthetic paper market, by application, is segmented into packaging, printing, labels & tags, and more. Among these applications, the printing industry has one of the largest markets. Our synthetic paper possesses essential properties like flexibility, impact resistance, puncture resistance, moisture resistance, and glossy finish, which make the paper ideal for use in the printing industry.

Continue reading to learn about the nature of this non-tearable paper and why it is preferred over traditional paper in the realm of the printing industry.

How Does Synthetic Paper's Material Make It an Ideal Choice for Printing Surfaces?

Cosmo synthetic paper is a polypropylene-based film that is infused with several key advantages. Our synthetic paper's surface is extremely smooth and consistent, making it a perfect canvas for printing. Moreover, this high tear resistance paper provides a uniform foundation for the ink to adhere to, resulting in crisp and clear details.

How Does the Smooth Surface of Synthetic Paper Help Achieve the Best Printing Quality?

synthetic paper printing quality

Here is how the smooth and non-absorbent surface of Cosmo Synthetic Paper helps achieve excellent printing quality:

  • Cosmo Synthetic Paper allows for sharper lines, high-resolution printing, and exceptional clarity.
  • Synthetic Paper's rich and consistent surface effectively captures the wider colour gamut.
  • The printed images on our synthetic paper appear more lifelike, with deeper blacks and a wider range of tones.
  • As the paper is non-absorbent, it allows for even distribution of ink. This results in consistent colour density across the entire printed application, so there are no chances of splotches, streaks, or unevenness.

How Does the Durability of Synthetic Paper Helpful in Achieving Superior Print Quality?

Here is how Cosmo Synthetic Paper's durability significantly enhances printed materials' quality, longevity and resilience in terms of wear and tear:

  • Our synthetic paper is highly moisture and water resistant paper and ensures that the print stays crisp, clear and even legible in the long run. Synthetic paper for digital printing is beneficial for outdoor applications and menus - where liquid spills and environmental factors like rain are expected.
  • Frequent handling is common in case of official documents, maps, and legal papers, which increases the risk of rips and tears. Synthetic paper is resistant to tearing and is an excellent material for such applications.
  • Our synthetic paper is fade-resistant and can be used for long-term displays, outdoor signage, or applications where colour accuracy must be maintained for longer periods.

What Are the Common Printing Applications of Synthetic Paper?

common application of synthetic paper

Here are some of the common synthetic paper applications in the printing industry:

  • Our synthetic paper is used for marketing materials. These materials range from menus, brochures, and product packaging. This exception paper offers vibrant colours and crisp details to the marketing materials.
  • Synthetic paper is water and tear-resistant, which makes it an ideal surface for durable signages - outdoor banners, safety signs, or instructional labels.
  • The durability of our superior synthetic paper makes it an outstanding application for everyday identification documents, such as badges, membership cards, and ID cards.
  • The water-resistant feature of our synthetic paper makes it ideal for waterproof publications, like menus for restaurants, and for outdoor seating and poolside reading materials.

Our synthetic paper, offering exceptional print quality, resistance to water, moisture, and tear, brilliant durability and versatility across various applications, makes it an excellent choice for many industries. With advancements in eco-friendly production methods, synthetic paper will become an even more sustainable solution for your high-quality printing needs. Connect with us, both side coated synthetic paper supplier, for more information!