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Synthetic Paper: The Modern-Age Printing Material

Synthetic Paper: The Modern-Age Printing Material

How is resin based Synthetic paper material making a difference?

Modern day commercial printing is witnessing a shift in choice of printing material. Traditional paper used to be the go-to choice for printing but with technological advancements synthetic paper is steadily becoming a game changer alternative. It is innovative and highly sustainable in comparison to pulp based traditional paper. Additionally, it is much more aesthetically appealing and has industrial endurance to make prints exceptionally durable as compared to traditional paper.

Synthetic paper can be used for commercial products as well as promotions. It is ideal for printing of maps, menus, calendars, brochures, garment & baggage tags, food labels, retail packaging labels, documents, and outdoor advertisements.

Synthetic paper offers a plethora of benefits. But what makes it an ideal choice for versatile applications of commercial printing?

  • Durability – Synthetic paper is engineered to withstand extreme external conditions. It is designed to endure. It is ideal printing surface for billboards, frontlit & backlit displays and outdoor advertisements that need to remain vibrant & intact despite being subjected to rain, cold, heat and UV rays. Synthetic paper is non-tearable and has excellent folding endurance which are highly sort after features for tags, documents, visiting cards, labels, menu cards and brochures. It is the perfect choice for applications that need to create lasting impressions. It does not brittles easily or changes colour due to exposure.
  • Versatility - Synthetic paper is widely gaining popularity due to its compatibility with almost every printing technique. Whether it is synthetic paper for inkjet printers or synthetic paper for digital printing, it is an ultimate solution to achieve diverse creative outcomes. It gives exceptional finish quality to printed material and is well suited for producing high quality crisp prints & designs for brochures, catalogues, menus, labels, and advertisements. Synthetic paper is sturdy to support high quality prints. Its compatible with all advanced printing technologies.
  • It is ideal for high quality text and graphics printed by laser printing technique. Laser printing uses heat to fuse toner on printing surface.
  • Synthetic paper is compatible for use with Inkjet printers that use liquid ink on printing surface. It reduces smudge damage to prints and produces sharp, vibrant prints.
  • It is suitable for use with offset printing, often used for producing large prints.
  • Synthetic non tearable paper is very well suited for high-speed flexographic printing. Flexographic printing is often used for printing labels and other packaging prints.
  • Synthetic paper can be used with UV printing technology that uses UV curing to instantly dry the ink.
  • Moisture, Chemical & Oil resistance – Synthetic paper has remarkable moisture, chemical and oil resistance, making it ideal for rigors of day-to-day use. Waterproof synthetic paper is the perfect base for printing all important documents like marksheets, certificates, legal documents, and identification cards. Water resistant paper and oil resistant paper also make perfect printing base for food labels and menu cards. Unlike pulp based traditional paper, synthetic paper stays unaffected when exposed to water, oil, or even extremely high humid conditions. Resistance adds longevity to printed materials by not letting paper crumple or tear.
  • Sustainability –Synthetic paper provides sustainability in form of durability by reducing your “print- footprint” through longevity of the printed material. It reduces the number of reprints and provides cost efficiency in long run. Synthetic paper helps you make a responsible choice towards sustainability without compromising on print quality. It is manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and is recyclable. Synthetic paper promotes waste minimization.
  • Print Quality- Synthetic paper supplies impressive dimensional stability and excellent lay flatness that makes it perfect for diverse printing solutions. Its smooth surface allows for sharp and clear print of texts, graphics & high-resolution images. Dimensional stability makes its less prone to contraction or expansion under different conditions and highly suitable for precision applications. The smooth surface also enables ink to adhere more effectively, resulting in prints that have more true- to- life vibrant colours. They are well suited for attractive labels, brochures, and printed samples.

Why choose Cosmo Synthetic Paper?

Cosmo Synthetic Paper is a trusted synthetic paper supplier and one of the leading synthetic paper manufacturers in India. With cutting edge technology, commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation Cosmo Synthetic Paper offers unparalleled excellence in an extensive range of high-quality products. It promises to deliver high quality, vibrant prints with excellent printability and colour reproduction.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper offers top coated paper and both sides coated paper with high tear resistance and digital as well as laser printability. Cosmo coated white synthetic paper and natural shade synthetic paper are excellent to elevate brand value through sophistication and elegance. It can be used in a variety of application segments and is the perfect fit for all commercial printing requirements. Cosmo Synthetic paper does not change colour or yellows or fades with time.

Cosmo Synthetic paper is also recommended for being a highly eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper with excellent resistance, versatility, and exceptional durability. At Cosmo we commit to sustainability and manufacture environmentally conscious products. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is 100% recyclable paper and is produced in the most eco-friendly manner.

It is a modern age game changing product in the ever-evolving world of printing. It has exceptional ink adhesion and guarantees to keep printed material’s quality intact in long run. It is the perfect synthetic paper material for all kinds of printing techniques.

Cosmo synthetic paper leaves an impactful impression of printed materials. With its revolutionary product quality & performance it aims to bring a sustainable shift in printing globally.