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Synthetic Paper Durability in Challenging Environment

Synthetic Paper Durability in Challenging Environment

In harsh environments, traditional materials fail to perform, and from here arises the need to have resilient and durable materials that can withstand different environmental conditions. Synthetic paper is a perfect alternative to traditional paper and is known for its durability, tear-resistant properties and many other properties that make it a go-to choice for various industries. The global synthetic paper market size was estimated at USD 1.07 billion in 2022; this is majorly due to the various environments it can withstand. Let's learn more about this robust paper in this blog.

Why There Is a Need of Durable Material - Cosmo Synthetic Paper

The requirements of different industries vary, but the one property where all industries stand united is durability. Be it in the food industry, outdoor advertising, commercial use, or tags or labels, the application must maintain its durability and not deteriorate even if it faces extreme challenges or temperatures. Our synthetic paper is a polypropylene-based film, resembling traditional paper, that exhibits various properties, making it capable of handling various environmental conditions and thus is long-lasting.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper in Extreme Environments
Here is how our high tear resistance paper performs exceptionally well in extreme weather conditions:

  1. High Temperatures : Our synthetic paper can withstand hot weather conditions and is suitable for applications that are used directly in or near heat sources, like outdoor signage in the sun.
  2. Low Temperatures : Our synthetic paper is flexible, exceptionally resilient in cold weather conditions, and does not crack or brittle. Therefore, it is ideal to be used for applications that are stored in very low temperatures, like in a freezer.
  3. Moisture & Humidity : Synthetic Paper by Cosmo, a non tearable paper manufacturer, is moisture resistant, it works very well in humid weather conditions. This property makes it perfect for applications that are prone to encounter the water, like pool side signages.
  4. Exposure to Chemical : Synthetic paper is resistant to chemicals like oil, grease, and solvents and is suitable for use in environmental conditions where accidental spills are possible, like restaurants.
  5. Durable : Synthetic paper does not fade and maintains its integrity even after coming in direct contact with the UV rays. Therefore, it is ideal to be used for applications that are frequently exposed to sunlight.
  6. Abrasion & Wear Resistance : Environmental factors, such as poor storage conditions, can lead to the abrasion of applications such as tags and labels. However, our synthetic paper stands out with its exceptional resistance to abrasion and high durability, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the synthetic paper application.

The Future of Synthetic Paper

The current demand for synthetic paper is at an all-time high thanks to its exceptional features. This demand has projected the global market size of synthetic paper to reach USD 1,286 million by 2027. The researchers are still working on further enhancing its properties, especially its recyclability. It can be anticipated that more and more industries will use synthetic paper for various applications.

Cosmo Synthetic Paper for packaging is made to work exceptionally well in harsh weather conditions and can be used for various applications. With innovation in synthetic paper, it will further prove its worth as a durable and dependable solution.