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How Synthetic Paper Tags and Labels Help Garment Industry

How Synthetic Paper Tags and Labels Help Garment Industry

In the garment industry, synthetic paper labels and tags are the latest trendsetters. These synthetic paper for labels can withstand the hustle and bustle of the garment industry and serve as invaluable asset. Cosmo Synthetic Paper is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and enhancing the overall customer experience. Let's read how they make a difference in the garment industry:

Reasons Cosmo Synthetic Paper is the Right Fit for Clothing Tags

Here are some features of Cosmo Synthetic Paper that help the garment industry:

  • Tear-resistant

Our synthetic paper is made using synthetic substrates; when stretched, they expand and become impossible to tear. This feature benefits the garment industry, as tags and labels made from CSP can easily handle transportation and storage.

  • Water-resistant

Water accidents are a common occurrence when dealing with large volumes of garments. However, garment tags made using Cosmo Synthetic Paper are a reliable solution. This is a water resistant paper, meaning it doesn't absorb water or become soggy, ensuring that the print quality is maintained to its finest details.

  • Printable

Our synthetic paper is printable and can be printed using most of the latest printing technologies, like wet and UV offset, wet and UV flexo, letterpress, screen, thermal transfer, and HP Indigo.

  • Writable

The garment industry experiences fluctuating prices throughout the year and changes in deals are common. This requires tags and labels that can be easily altered as needed. Our Oil Resistant paper is designed to be writable with oil-based pens and pencils, allowing you to quickly jot down the latest information directly on the tags and labels as necessary.

  • Durable

The tags and labels made using synthetic paper remain on the garments till they are removed by the customer post sale. From exceptional print quality to the label itself, our synthetic paper promises long-lasting tags even in harsh conditions.

  • Texture

Synthetic paper's look and feel is that of pulp-based paper. It provides a smooth, even texture with a bright white finish which is essential for garment tags and labels.

  • Recyclable

Our synthetic paper is recyclable and eco-friendly, and its manufacturing process uses green practices, aimed at using raw material to keep wastage at bay.

Synthetic paper for tags and labels plays a huge role in enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and brand integrity within the garment industry. By embracing this innovative and sustainable solution garment brands can leave a lasting impression on consumers.