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How Synthetic Paper Elevates the Visual Impact of Printed Materials

How Synthetic Paper Elevates the Visual Impact of Printed Materials

Do you know that high-quality printed materials have the power to capture and hold attention while creating a long-lasting impression?

Let's understand it this way - A child's first medium of learning is pictures; pictures are nothing but printed materials that hold a child's attention and heighten their curiosity to learn - leaving a long-lasting impression on them. Therefore, the importance of good, printed material is foremost, be it a child's book or brands using it for their applications to attract their customers.

While high-quality prints are essential, the material on which the print is made is equally important. This is where Cosmo Synthetic Paper excels. The print on synthetic paper comes out to be phenomenal and can truly make your application stand out. So, be it business cards, brochures, garment tags and labels, or restaurant or cafe menus - our synthetic paper is your go-to choice.

Our synthetic paper is a polypropylene-based film that surpasses the limitations of traditional paper and is specifically crafted to elevate the prints. But how? Let's read!

  • This innovative paper has a smooth and non-porous surface that enhances ink absorption and ensures exceptional colour reproduction, delivering vibrant, rich and sharp prints. Intricate details like crisp texts are captured with precision - giving an overall visually stunning presentation.
  • Not just fine prints, this water resistant paper - synthetic paper, also allows for colour possibilities - so that your printed application displays aesthetically pleasing details. This feature also gives room to think outside the box and come up with eye-catching print ideas that are possible with synthetic paper.
  • Cosmo Synthetic Paper can stand the test of time - it is resistant to tearing, water damage, and fading. Thanks to this property, your printed materials stay resilient for longer. This is specifically beneficial for applications such as business cards, restaurant menus and outdoor signages.
  • In the case of large print runs, maintaining print consistency is important. This high tear resistant paper uniformity ensures that each print is of the same high quality, regardless of the quantity.

Synthetic paper is indeed a revolutionary solution that helps elevate the visual appeal of your printed applications. The material is ideal for creating visually stunning applications that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and long-lasting, ensuring your message makes a lasting impression. To learn more, head to, a synthetic paper manufacturer.